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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Show #4 – 11 September 2010


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Lou and Kyle reflect on events nine years ago by telling what they were doing at that time; Lou discusses the same with Karen From Ventura and Jeff Smurf (then Donald Rumsfeld reminds us of “The Unknowns”; George Bush on Islam vs. Newt Gingrich on Islam; CNN interviews Terry Jones, of the Dove Outreach Church in Gainsville, Florida; God calls in to express his wrath; A Pastor tells his flock that Mohammed was a pedophile; The “Preach and Burn” Sermon of Terry Jones; Tim From Los Angeles calls in to reflect on 9/11; Councilman Davison Freaks Out; DA Morales calls in to debunk Truthers with Science; Charlie Chaplain’s Lament (from “The Great Dictator” 1940).

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